Menthol Products

Menthal Oil (menthaarvensis )
Natural Menthol Large Crystals (bp/usp)
Peppermint Oil, DMO (l-menthol-38-40%) (USP/BP)
Menthol powder
Liquid Menthol
Menthol flakes
Mint terpenes
Peppermint Oil( mentha piperata)
Dementholized oil(DMO) L-menthol-(18 to 22%)
Spearmint Oi l(BP/USP)
Natural menthol medium crystals
Natural menthol small crystals


Essential Oils

Basil Oil
Celery Seed Oil
Citronella Oil (Java)
Juniper Berry Oil
Geranium oil
Lime Oil

Palmarosa Oil
Cedarwood oil
Tagetz Oil

Carrot seed oil
Dill seed oil
Curry Leaf Oil
Costus root oil
Jatamansi oil
Valerian root oil
Garlic oil
Allyl isothiocyanate Mustard Oil (Natural essential oil)

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Spice Oils

Cumin Seed Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Black pepper oil
Cardamom Oil
Patchuoli oil
Cinnamon oil
Coriander oil

Ajwain oil
Davana Oil
Lemon Grass Oil
Cardamom oil
Calamus root oil
Cypriol oil /nagarmotha oil
Neem oil

Ginger oil

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Herbal Extracts

Gooseberry Extract (Emblica officinalis) Polyphenols & Ascorbic acid
Ashwagandha Extract (Withania somnifera) Withanolides
Boswellia Serratta Extrac (Boswellia serratta) Boswellicacid 65% & 75 %
Brahmi Extract (Bacopa monniera) Bacosides - 20%
Centella Asiatica Extract (Centella asiatica) Triterpenes -40%
Curcumin Powder (Curcuma longa) Curcumin 93 - 95%
Ginger Dry Extract (Zingiber officianalis) Gingerols -5%
Guggul Extract (Commiphora mukul) 1 - 5% Guggul Sterones

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Carrier and Base Oils

Almond sweet oil
Castor oil (BP) GRADE
Grape seed oil
Sesame oil(USP)
Almond bitter oil
Castor oil (cosmetic)
Jojoba oil
Arachis Oil(BP)Grade

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Aromatic Chemicals

L- Menthone (all grades)
Linalyl acetate
Rose Oxide
L- carvone
Menthol flakes
Benzyl Benzoate B.P.
Benzyl Benzoate FFC.
Benzyl Salcylate
Amyl ketone
Diphenyl oxide
Acetaldehyde 50% in p.g.
Allyl heptoate
Alpha terpineol
Amyl alcohol iso
Amyl caproate
Amyl cinnamate
Amyl phenyl acetate
Benzyl cinnamate
Benzyl phenyl acetate
Benzyl salicylate
Citronellyl n-butyrate
Decanol normal (c10 alcohol)
Dedecyl acetate(c12 acetate)
Diethyl malonate
Ethyl acetate flavour grade
Ethyl Caprate
Ethyl Caprylate
Ethyl Heptoate
Ethyl Laurate


Cis -3-hexenyl Acetate
Benzyl Alcohol FFC/B.P.
Benzyl Acetate
Cinnamic Aldehyde
Lavender ketone
Rose Crystals
Allyl Caproate
Allyl Phenoxy Acetate
Amyl Acetate Flavour Grade
Amyl Butyrate
Amyl Caprylate
Amyl Formate
Amyl Propionate
1benzyl Formate
Benzyl Propionate
Benzyl Valerate
Citronellyl Valerate
Decyl Acetate (C10 Acetate)
Diethyl Acetal
Dodecanol Normal (C12 Alcohol)
Ethyl Butyrate
Ethyl Caproate
Ethyl Formate
Ethyl Iso Valerate
Ethyl Propionate


Ethyl Undecylenate Ethyl Undecylenate
Geranyl Acetate
Phenyl Ethyl Formate
Geranyl Butyrate
Geranyl Acetate
Phenyl Ethyl Formate
Geranyl Butyrate
Geranyl Caproate
Octyl Acetate
Geranyl Formate
Iso Amyl Iso Valerate
Normal Butanol
Iso Butanol
Iso Butyl Acetate
N Propyl Propionate
Iso Butyl Caproate
Iso Butyl N Butyrate
Natural Flavour Liquor Booster
Iso Butyl Phenyl Acetate
Iso Butyl Propionate
N Butyl Lactate
N Butyl Lactate
Iso Propyl Cinnamate
Iso Propanol
Methyl Ionone Gamma (Mig)
N Butyl Butyrate
N Amyl Alcohol
N Butyl Acetate
Octanol Normal (C8 Alcohol)
Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate




Guar Gum
Sodium Bichromate (98%)
Pottasium bicromate (99%)
Chromic acid (99%)
Sodium Sulphate yellow (90%)

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